Total Metal Stamping Service think ahead

Custom metal stamping in Asia Taiwan

  • Tooling and Die Design
  • Prototype Metal Stamping
  • Metal Stamping Production
  • Progressive Metal Stamping
  • Assembling, Machining and Surface treatment (Finishing)
  • Packing, Exporting

HSIEH Metal has been devoting to Product developing, tooling design and collaboration of all engineering process including metal stamping, tapping, riveting, welding, heat treatment, painting, CNC machining, milling, grinding since 1976.

Our completed engineering process system offer you perfect support and save you lots of time and money while launching a new project. We will work hand in hand with you and help you minimize the distance from design to production.

1. Tooling and Die Design

Before tooling, based on product design documents, together with clients we work out the most cost effective tooling solutions. Prototype stampings will be provided and approved before mass production. We offer tooling warranty.

2. Sheet Metal Stamping

  • Precision Metal Stampings
    • Capacity: 5 ~ 200 tons
    • Wide range of Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze Aluminum, Cold-roll steel, etc…
  • Prototype Stampings:
    • Specialize in prototype sheet metal parts and short-run production.
  • Progressive Stampings:
    • High speed and cost-effective progressive dies for high volume production.

3. Value Added Services- Assembly

We have an assembly line help putting parts together. In addition, retain packing is also available upon request.

Our value added, one-stop service help minimize the time and money you consume and maximize your project performance.

Surface treatment upon request: Plain, Chrome ,Zinc ,Gold Plating, Black Phosphating, Painting, E-coating, Powder coating, Galvanizing and Anodizing. Geomet/Dacromet coating, etc…

4. Combined Shipments

After mass Production and assembly, here is packing and exporting followed! We help celebrate with your other suppliers and combine the shipments to you!

Sourcing Agent A combined services of COMMUNICATION, LOGISTIC and PAYMENTS! We offer a commission based service, to help you dealing with multiple sellers. You talk to us, place single order, get single shipment and finally process single payment. That’s how easy it is!

Metal Stamping Parts Gallery

Our Machine

Pneumatic automatic press machine, Press machine, Progressive stamping machine, Radial Driller, CNC Milling Machine, Lapping Machine, Lathe Machine, Drilling Machine, Multi-Axis Tapping Machine, Packing Machine, Riveting Machine, Hacksaw Machine Microscope, Caliper, Height Gauge, …etc.